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"If you hold my hand...
I promise I won't let you go...
I will always protect you...
I'll always be with you..."
After his girlfriend Kaori broke up with him, 17 year old student Kure isolated himself from the world, spending his time home, heartbroken, listening to sad indie songs and playing videogames. Then, one day, outside the Hospital where his mother works, Kure met someone very special: a girl named Autumn, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is trying to assimilate her situation. That day would change their lives forever...

Your Voice in the Autumn Leaves is a short visual interactive story about love, friendship, sadness and life itself. This is a very personal game as I'm battling cancer myself and I put a lot of my heart on it. I hope you enjoy it! Be warned though: this game will probably make you cry...

Made with Rpg Maker 2003 engine for the Great Autumn Game Jam: 2021


3 routes (Romance/Neutral/Friendship) that affect the story
3 endings 
A short but emotional experience
Original soundtrack
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAxel Vejar Dossow
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagsautumn, Cute, Narrative, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Romance, sad, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


Your Voice in the Autumn Leaves 0.1.3.rar 40 MB


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What a sweet, sad game! I really liked the graphics in this. The characters looked so cute!

Thank you!

Beautiful, sad and hard ... like real life. Thanks for this beautiful game, I hope it reaches a lot of people and opens eyes to how beautiful life can be and how quickly it can be over ...

Thank you so much! Making this game was a bit heartbreaking, and it was really hard testing it because I had to experience that mix of happiness, sadness and hope all over again. But I'm really happy with the final result, even though it's a fairly short game, and I also hope it reaches a lot of people and helps them appreciate their lives and their loved ones more! 

(2 edits)

It seems I overlooked some typos and grammar mistakes (e.g. "tumour", "all the day", "...always part of me"). I'll try to correct them and upload an updated version with those fixes soon! Still, I don't think they really affect the experience!